What's new

  • STAR, a setup for high accuracy optical characterization, capable of measuring scattering, absorption, and reflection of both coating and bulk, has been launched

Nov 2, 2019

  • A paper about effect of inhomogeneity of sapphire crystal on a gravitational wave detector was published

Oct 30, 2019

I have been fascinated by spacetime where everything in the universe was born and has been evolving in a very complicated way as we know today.  It is just amazing.  How could one set up the world like this?  Einstein's General Relativity is the most successful and tested theory to describe spacetime, but I guess It is probably fair to say that we are far from understanding it.  I strongly believe there is lots of stuff that we do not know yet and am excited to see it bring us new things that could potentially change our world.  Our company was founded to help customers find a solution to scientific / engineering problems, hoping our activities will eventually lead us to better understanding of spacetime.  'inhbar' is a coined word from 'inside' and the Planck constant 'hbar'.   

Eiichi Hirose, Founder